Summertime in the Rockies



There’s still snow on the ground here in Vail. It starts at about 9,000 feet, actually, about 900 feet higher than the actual town – I know because that’s one of the articles I wrote this week – but Vail Pass, about ten minutes away, is above the snowline. It was a crazy experience to drive past untouched snowbanks and realize it’s almost the middle of June.


Here are a few pictures from a trail pretty close to the apartment. They don’t do the mountains justice but they at least give an idea what it’s like.




Here are links to the articles I wrote this week:


Vail councilman blames self for missing ballot


and a rabies story, here, and a weather story, here.




Question of the day:

The back of the brownie box has “high altitude directions” for altitudes between 3500 and 6500 feet. So – what happens when one is OVER 6500, say in Vail or on top of Pike’s Peak? Does the high altitude recipe revert to normal? Should one add more flour, or double the oil, or cook it for a shorter amount of time? My brownies turned out less than amazing, so I guess I haven’t found the answer yet.


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