Gingrich wants cheap power

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado — Cheap energy sounds like a fairy tale; it’s like eating your cake and having it too.

But that’s exactly what former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich suggested as a possibility Friday in a speech to a small group at the home of Republican state House candidate Muhammad Ali Hasan.

Hasan, who joked that he is trying to fill Gingrich’s shoes, lives in Beaver Creek and is a candidate for House District 56, which includes Eagle County.

Gingrich’s speech drew chuckles from the crowd as he poked fun at the Democratic party’s approach to the high cost of gas.

“There’s an ideology on the left that would like everyone to walk,” he said. “If everyone on the left wants to say, ‘You’re not paying enough, let’s keep sending the money to Saudi Arabia … let’s make sure that Iran and Russia have all the money they need,’ I just think people are going to think this is nuts.”

The purpose of Gingrich’s appearance was to tell the attendees about a new organization he started as a grassroots approach to lower the cost of energy, especially gasoline, in the U.S.

“Here’s my theory,” he said. “Almost everybody in America pumps their own gas, so they stand at the pump for three to five minutes getting really mad — and they do it on average twice a week, so there’s this wave building.”

His organization, called American Solutions, is intended to channel that wave. He hopes it will be a tri-partisan group composed of at least 50 percent of each major political party in the United States, including the Independent party.

Gingrich said the goal of the organization is to find issues that garner nonpartisan support and unite Americans to find solutions to those issues.

“We were looking for … red, white and blue issues rather than red versus blue issues,” he said. “We found over 100, and we found the American people have a lot of common sense; it’s the elites that are nuts.”


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