Holiday week

In a whirlwind of activity, I wrote a cover story for the weekly, four stories for the daily and worked on the fourth of July last week. To finish off the week I had a 12 mile hike yesterday.

I’m still alive.

Here are my stories:

The Rochester Philharmonic has been a regular at the Vail summer music festival for about 19 years, and is getting the boot for next season, to be replaced with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, because Bravo needs the funding. Story here.

As always, bears are a problem in the mountains (more so, apparently, when people come in from out of state and don’t know how to do things like dispose of trash. Apparently a common story is “well, I didn’t want to leave the house, because I was afraid of the bears – so I left my trash on the porch” when Department of Wildlife officials have to cart bears off property for eating trash). Story here.

Pictures possibly coming later this week.


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