Paul Taylor Company visits Vail

I started this story at WJI in May and visited the Paul Taylor Dance Company’s studio in New York City – then it sat for a few months while I wrote up a storm for the rest of the paper. Now the time has come – the dance festival is here, my internship is almost over and the story is in print. Enjoy.

BEAVER CREEK — After more than a month of world-renowned classical music, live musical performances might seem commonplace to Vail Valley residents, but for dancers performing in Beaver Creek tonight, a live orchestra is quite unusual.

The New York City-based Paul Taylor Dance Company is in town for the first time for the Vail International Dance Festival. Monday night the company will perform a selection of now-classic Taylor pieces and a newly choreographed piece, “Changes,” which premiered on May 31 in Massachusetts. The dancers will perform to live music, something they’ve experienced only rarely over the last decade.

“It’s a treat for dancers to dance to live music,” said Don York, the Company’s longtime musical director. “People don’t know — they go to a dance company and see a dance to CD and it’s not as exciting by any stretch of the imagination as having live music there. That’s why this Vail date is so neat. It’s like a return to the glory days.”

Read the rest here.


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